The bulk of our business is Commercial Cargo and household items moving via ocean. Shipments move either by full ocean freighted containers (i.e.:  20', 40', 45) or by loose load LCL (less container load).

We also offer Special Ocean Freight Flat Rack/ Flatbed and open top containers for shipments that are oversized or overweight.

Freight charges on Ocean Freight Containers are based on commodity, port of origin and port of discharge. Door delivery is another option with extra charges.

Loose Freight or LCL (less container load) is usually palletized, and rates are based on per cubic meter (L x W x H=39"x39"x39") or per 1000 Kgs/2200 lbs, whichever creates greater revenue. Loose Freight or LCL is consolidated into 20'/40' containers together with other shippers which provide considerable savings.

Please note, that consolidation does have a few disadvantages. Machinery and larger items that are loaded into the same container can cause damage to fragile items. Therefore, it is highly recommended that fragile items are placed in wooden crates.  The crate size should not exceed the interior dimensions of the container (L x W x H=234"x88"x90").

Our CFS (container freight stations) are located all around the United States and Worldwide.

We provide a Weekly Service with the shortest transit time subject to destinations.



Reliable Freight International offers a weekly fast transit roll on/roll off
car carrier service, including consolidation of automobiles into ocean freighted containers. 2 –3 automobiles are delivered to our warehouse from various shippers and are loaded into 40’ container. This enables each customer to share the cost of the freight charges.

RFI also accepts motor cycles and motor boats on a trailer/cradle. This service is generally shipped by 20’ 40’ & 45’ and subject to the size of the boat & trailer.

We can pick-up your automobile/motorcycle/motor boat/motor home from your door to our warehouse. At the warehouse, the item is securely blocked/braced and cushioned into the container so that there is no shifting or movement during sailing.

Prior requirements:
Automobiles either delivered to our warehouse or picked up by us, must comply to the following shipping line rules:

  1. Gas tank must be less than ¼ of gas.

  2. Ensure that vehicle has enough anti-freeze/coolant in the system.

  3. Ensure that engine oil is sufficient in the engine.

  4. The original title /pink slip is required for U.S. customs 10 days prior to vessel's cut off.

  5. If the vehicle has been recently purchased by the dealer, you could provide the MSO (mfg. state of origin) for the U.S. customs clearance.

  6. We will complete the U.S. customs documentation for you, but they will require your Federal Tax ID, driver’s license copy or passport page.



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