Moving your household goods overseas demands skill & professionalism, especially when addressing the contents of your home. Our years of experience lend to the necessary care to pack, wrap and box all your fragile items before they are loaded into a container.

As an example, a two and half bedroom and a medium size automobile (i.e. Ford Taurus/Toyota Camry) requires a 40’ size container (see specs of container). Two or three bedrooms without an automobile would utilize a 20’ container. The technique of loading an automobile in the same container needs be considered carefully, such as the vehicle being blocked/braced & tied down inside the container, including a wall of separation built around the automobile so there is no movement during transit/sailing.

You have also the option to load your household goods yourself and we could deliver the container to your door, provided you obtain the necessary permission from City Hall or Sheriff’s department, to park the container on a trailer on a public road (please be considerate of scheduled street cleaning days). We allow you to keep the container for three days. The ‘do it yourself’ option provides significant savings. However, if you intend to load the automobile along with your personal & household goods, please call us for specific instructions.

Requirements by U.S. Customs & Steamship Lines

1.     When loading an automobile into the container, the gas tank should be less than ¼ tank.

2.     Ensure that there is enough engine oil and anti-freeze coolant.

3.     The battery cables must be disconnected or taped around the battery leads.

4.     U.S customs require the original title/pink slip 7 to 10 days prior to vessel cutoff date and sailing.

5.     The title must be in your name or signed off from the previous owner.

6.     If the automobile is brand new and you are not in possession of the title yet, you must have an M.S.O (mfg. state of origin).



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